FAQ - Armed Bars


  1. What do you mean that the transparent bars are armed?

The transparent bars are connected to an active security alarm zone that gives you permanent perimeter protection without activating any accidental false alarms. Your panic button is always active and so will your Armed Bars!

  1. What happens if one touches these Armed Bars?

Nothing! No shock, no screaming siren and reaction units running around!

The wired alarm is completely enclosed in the transparent bar and prevents accidental false alarms while providing complete perimeter security to you and your family.

  1. Will my cat activate the alarm when moving through these bars?

No, you can open, close or clean the windows and even push against the bars without activating the alarm.

  1. When will alarm then be activated?

The alarm will only be activated when someone breaks the wire in the Armed Bar whilst attempting to enter your home through the windows or doors.

Should the intruder try to break these bars:

– By cutting it with a hacksaw or bolt cutter, it will immediately activate the alarm;

– By kicking out the bars (which is very difficult because they are flexible), the special brackets will stay behind, the wire will break and the alarm will be activated;

– By using chemicals to weaken the polycarbonate or by melting the bars, the wires will break or still be an “obstacle” that needs to be “removed” before entering;

– By tampering with or bridging the wires, an end of line resister will immediately activate the alarm when the difference in voltage is picked up.

  1. There are so many types of alarm sensors and beams on the market, why use Armed Bars?
  • Armed Bars provides you with both aesthetically pleasing physical and alarm protection. Other alarm sensors do not give you physical protection in and around your house;
  • Armed Bars are always active and provides 24/7 protection. Other alarm sensors (except your panic button) must be deactivated when you are “living” in your house;
  • Armed Bars eliminates false alarms caused by the accidental opening of windows, movement of animal and branches, insect infestations, etc.
  • Armed Bars are the most secure alarm sensor available and at an affordable price!
  1. What do you mean that the Armed Bars are insect proof?

Standard alarm sensors are sensitive to crawling insects, such as spiders that may accidentally activate your alarm if they move close to the sensors, or ants that are attracted to the heat of the sensor. Armed Bars are security bars that have no heat source or sensors that could cause your alarm to be activated by insects.

  1. Will the wires rust, for example, at my beach house?

The special manufactured wire is a copper wire that has a protective tin layer on the outside. This tin-copper wire has furthermore a transparent plastic sleeve on the outside for protection. When installed, the wires are connected using a wire connector that covers all wire components with a silicone-based liquid, offering a double protection against corrosion.

  1. Will the Armed Bar work on a wireless alarm system?

Yes. A wireless transmitter can be used to connect your Armed Bars to your alarm system, providing your alarm system is compatible with wireless transmitters.

  1. Why use Armed Bars if I have an alarm system?
  • Armed Bars will provide you with 24/7 protection.
  • Armed Bars provides you with added physical protection if your alarm/electricity fails.
  • A small number of people activate their alarm systems when they are at home.
  • Armed Bars will "call for help" BEFORE the intruders enter your home.
  • Armed Bars are a physical barrier that will stop or delay an intruder.
  • Armed Bars will give you peace of mind and will provide you with some very valuable time, allowing you to respond to the danger of potential intruders.
  • Armed Bars have no monthly installment fees!